But from my experience there are very few companies that can solve the problem in one go. The more you get to the later stage of the project. The more you can feel it for example the display part in the brand upgrade flagship store often thinks that space design can be solved, but in fact this is a display design specialty. Correspondingly, the display designer will bring her professional suppliers. Upgrading is a comprehensive task that requires the cooperation of multiple teams. Don’t try to save trouble, and ideally only find one company to solve it. 2. Escalated paralysis In the atmosphere of various upgrade official announcements, we often expect to solve all problems at once through an upgrade.

Ugly things also want to be loved

Embrace new users and markets, and achieve a full range of brand renewal. Good idea, but prone to high expectations and unrealistic fantasies. Especially in the later stage of landing it is easy to lose the balance of psychological. Expectations and only see those problems that have not been completely resolved. While ignoring some fruitful Bolivia Email List results and the core demands at the beginning. Therefore, before planning to upgrade, you must see clearly the “paralysis” of the upgrade under the bombardment of various media platforms. One of paralysis: brand upgrade is not guaranteed to be successful. Not all brand upgrades can achieve both volume and sales like Holland and Li-Ning. It took years for even them to really upgrade.

Specially ugly = “Ugly is very special”

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It is possible that when the upgrade is just completed, the overall performance of the brand is not as good as before the upgrade. After so many years of accumulation, it is not easy to adjust the perception of users and the market at once, especially when the changes are relatively large, the user group may change. Everyone hopes to gain benefits BWB Directory through upgrading, but benefits are often accompanied by risks. Objectively speaking, if the upgrade solves the core problems initially set, then it has been considered successful at the current stage. Therefore, expect rationally, don’t expect too much, and don’t put all the problems together. Paralysis 2: Successful upgrades do not immediately see “results”.

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