Smell unlike the other organs the sense of smell has a peculiarity and that that when it receives a stimulus it does not relay to the thalamus – which a part of the brain – it more direct and therefore has a higher level of information processing. Th was dcover by brands that began to use olfactory stimulation such as p g with an air freshener that smells like wealthy people generating an affinity; and carulla that activates air sprinklers with the smell of fresh bread substantially increasing the intention to purchase bread. Crossmodality th an adverting concept that integrates two or more sensory organs creating a much more powerful sensory compound.

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An example the adverting of the ranchera sausage which uses the auditory attribute with the sound of a sausage frying at the same time generating an association with the sensory organ of taste Attention the second moment attention a process in which the information mobile app designs service messages and stimuli receiv are filter to leave only what relevant ignoring messages that are not important. Attraction marketing and inbound marketing are focus here with the aim of taking the audience through different phases to capture their attention and bring them closer and closer to the brand.

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Emotion the third emotion when people generate an emotional reaction more impulsive and spontaneous and not very rational. At th time adverting involves elements and messages that generate emotions for example liquor stores trade in euphoria BWB Directory and enjoyment and insurers trade in fear and aversion to loss. It currently under dcussion whether emotion really people’s buying button Memory in the memory phase we talk about experiences. Let’s put ourselves in a situation remember attending a concert how many of the things that happen during the event do you remember did.

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