Which after receiving an input such as

Which after receiving an input such as “An advertement on a page” carries out processing and emits a response which can be ignore the ad close do not show the ad again or enter the ad. In th super-inform society the same thing happens to human beings as to a computer we receive more stimuli than we can process. We have a limit cognitive capacity which does not allow us to attend to all the messages and stimuli we receive at the same time advertements the song playing noe light etc. Moments in the psychological process of consumption let’s imagine a person.

Towards defining your ideal client

Who receives a stimulus and begins h psychological process that leads to the purchase going through moments perception attention emotion memory thinking motivation choice-decion and learning Perception. It the channel through which the mobile app development service consumer creates h or her own store of information about the product which can influence for better or worse the purchase intention or decion. Th where the information provid to us by the different organs of perception comes in such as smell hearing touch and taste. Let’s look at some examples hearing the influence of hearing perception can be seen in brands such as harley davidson motorcycles since the rhythm of its engine.

Differences between the buyer persona 

Configur to emit a sound similar to the gallop of a horse which becomes an affinity stimulus. When identifying the sound by motorcycle lovers. Another BWB Directory clear example usually seen in potato chip wges where studies have proven that the “crunch” of the potatoes generates a positive stimulus in consumers. Touch studies prove that when people touch products for example clothing or shoes purchase intention increases since through touch the consumer evaluates the attributes of the product and determines if it what they are really looking for.

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