Lucking Codi Lucky Coffee Enclosure Movement: 9 yuan coffee rolls

Don’t ask me to order coffee for more than 10 yuan. Recently Finance and Economics found that many. People around them had changed from to “Lucky Coffee” when they were picking up the takeaway. From cheap milk tea to low-priced coffee. The ultimate weapon to attract migrant workers is price. At the beginning of 2023 the coffee industry started. A price war 10 yuan latte 8 yuan cappuccino and some iced. American style even fell below 5 yuan the main players leading the price sinking are and Lucky. Coffee they have a goal in 2023 which is to open stores in all counties. In China and reach the scale of 10,000 stores. Even in the Northeast, where the beverage market is underdeveloped, coffee shops such as “Lucky Coffee” and have appeared in many places, and the growth.

Squeezing out Starbucks is not the ultimate goal

Rate of these stores even exceeds that of “Michelle Ice City”. Several major players in the “coffee price war” have huge legions behind them. For example, behind “Lucky Coffee” is Ice City” and its boss , who are good at taking the low-cost route. who specializes in “9.9 yuan coffee”, and Coffee “come from the same school”, both of which are handmade Belarus Email List by Lu. There are also commercial promotion cases focusing on 9.9 yuan coffee on Xiaohongshu. In some store activities, there are even ultra-low price marketing of 9.9 yuan for two cups. Selling coffee cheaper than soybean milk and shaping local giants at low prices has become a new battle for China’s retail consumption. 01 A seemingly loss-making business Recently, when you click on the Coffee WeChat applet, you can see the link of 9.9 yuan for all drinks.

A seemingly loss-making business

Email List

This kind of activity has been going on almost since the establishment of also has invitations, coupons, 0 Activities such as yuan purchases are carried out all year round. The “Lucky Coffee” under Michelle Ice City is even more familiar with the low-price strategy. The basic products are all in the single digits, and “cheap” is directly written on the BWB Directory signboard. Contrary to the increasingly lower coffee price, the raw material coffee bean market price is rising steadily. Since January 12, 2023, the cumulative increase in international coffee futures prices within one month has exceeded 25%. On March 4, C-type coffee on the New York Futures Exchange rose 17.40 cents in a single day to 197.78 cents equivalent to about 26.7 yuan/kg, the largest single-day increase in 20 years.

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