For most websites, there is very little optimization and utilization specifically for page images. On the one hand, it is due to the lack of understanding of the return ratio of image optimization traffic, when the traffic of most websites on images accounts for 10% to 30% of the overall ratio. However, when we notice that compared to webpage SEO, image optimization has great potential value, whether it is investment in personnel or cost. SEO image optimization is not just about ALT tags. 1. Naming specification and directory rules 1) Naming specification Create a descriptive name for each picture, such as: keyboard product picture, name it: Keyboard.jpg, try not to use such meaningless naming as: 1.jpg. By standardizing the naming method and optimizing the picture name, the content and picture SEO become highly relevant.

Naming specification and directory rules

The catalog is optimized for pictures on important topics or product pages on the website (for example: e-commerce site), and an independent picture channel (or second-level domain name) is established for it, and each picture is generated as a separate page (the The page aggregates all the information about this picture, and adds the comment Afghanistan Email List content of the product picture), establishes the value formed by the picture information and optimizes the competition. Existence rules: For example (e-commerce sites) divide the product pictures of the two categories of footwear and clothing into categories named “Footwear and Clothing”, which makes the content of similar pictures highly relevant from the perspective of association. Note: When reposting or sharing pictures appear on the website, the pictures should be stored locally.

Setting and improvement of relevant attributes

Email List

Instead of blindly linking from other sites’ picture addresses to make wedding clothes for others.  Setting and improvement of relevant attributes. Links are set for each important and relevant picture to carry out internal link layout. link to related content pages or picture channels so that the relationship. Between related pages within the BWB Directory website becomes more close. 2) Perfect attributes Image size width and height attributes. Are  (to increase the speed of page loading) and ALT information is. Added (to improve the description content related to the image). At the same time the layout design is  for the surrounding. Text around the image to strengthen the correlation between the content and the image. Increase SEO competitive advantage. Browsing experience and detailed rules optimization  Browsing optimization is to carry out lossless compression processing and delayed loading of pictures.

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