Japan is an amazing country to visit, but it is expensive. If you are traveling on a low budget or miss the last train and need accommodation, you can stay in a capsule hotel .

Capsule hotels (also known as pod hotels ) have been increasing in popularity in recent years, with new ones popping up in cities across Japan every day. They are like ordinary hotels, but instead of a normal size room, you sleep in a small cubicle .

The price of capsule hotels generally ranges from 3,000-5,500 YN (30-50US$) per night. This normally includes high-speed Internet access , as well as basic facilities such as bathrooms and toilets . Also, there are some more extravagant luxury capsule hotels that are more expensive.

The rise of capsule hotels

The word kapusera  capsule  was adopted into the Japanese

Language in the 1960s and has a similar meaning to the Latest Mailing Database English equivalent: small and futuristic . This word was chosen by the company that opened the world’s first capsule hotel in 1979 : the ‘ Capsule Inn Osaka ‘.

The designers presented a very successful plan that many others have already replicated. Today there are hundreds of capsule hotels in Japan and they have even reached abroad. China’s first capsule hotel opened in 2012 and the first European capsule hotel opened in Belgium in 2014 .

rules and etiquette
When you stay in a capsule hotel you share the space with many other people. Many capsule hotels are male or female only and there are some basic rules that guests must abide by :

Wear slippers indoors Most capsule hotels have lockers near the entrance

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Where guests leave their shoes and exchange them BWB Directory for slippers . The key to these shoe cabinets is often left at the front desk.

Capsule hotel attire . Guests are usually given a dressing gown or bathrobe to change into. It’s not considered rude to walk around the hotel in these.

Cover up tattoos when bathing. Many capsule hotels have fantastic communal bathrooms , usually divided by gender. Wash your body and hair before bathing, and cover your tattoos if possible. Tattoos are associated with crime in Japan.

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