Through specific activities in social meia, participation in industry events or word of mouth marketing branding The full structure of a given brand (benefits, identity, essence) is recorde in the form of the so-calle brand pattern. It is a verbal and visual summary of associations that make up a brand symbol. The visual side of the brand covers three interrelate areas. The first is brand/corporate identity, the second is packaging design, and the third is creating spatial identification – from product design to interior design elements.

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The visual identity of the brand is influence by: brand character, brand history, brand value, brand benefits, brand essence, physical attributes of products. It consists of: logo, name, colors, shape, design and graphics. We start designing visual database identification with the development of a logotype (logo). Then we adapt them to individual meia – business cards, website, product packaging, advertising gadgets, letterhead, catalogues. A logo is a brand identity written in the form of a graphic DNA code. A logo is good if it practically fulfills communication functions. The visual elements of the brand identity must meet the following conditions.


Those Who Are Favorable

Correspond to the specifics of the enterprise, eye-catching and easily remembere, differ significantly from the elements characteristic of competitors, do not evoke negative associations, easy to adapt to particular techniques and tools BWB Directory of public relations. Why is it worth investing in brand identity? A strong brand that invests in building its identity sells much better. When it enjoys the trust of customers and has many loyal consumers, it can count on very high profits. However, we must not forget that building an identity is a continuous process, so you should never rest on your laurels, because the image of the brand can be disturbe at any time.

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