I recently communicated with the bosses of some traditional companies and found that many bosses’ understanding of marketing is still at the level of advertising and promotion. This kind of marketing thinking is obviously extremely inefficient in today’s market environment. If you want to break out of the market, you must let users feel the temperature and attitude of the product. And the form of storytelling is an excellent way. For example, the story of Alibaba’s Eighteen AR hats, the story of Haier smashing the refrigerator, and so on. We are always willing to believe in this kind of brand story, and because the story has a different emotion for the brand. Because curiosity is a fundamental human trait, a business with a story can better differentiate and help potential users make choices.

Beasties Stand out by story marketing

So, how should brands carry out story marketing, and how should they tell a brand story well? After reading the following 3 cases, I believe you will definitely gain something. 1. Beasties: Stand out by story marketing To be a brand that can tell Bermuda Email List stories, there must be a place for “The Beast” flower shop. Compared with traditional flower shops, The Beast’s prices are several times more expensive, but they are still popular among users because they sell not only flowers, but also stories and experiences. As early as 2011, The Beast Flower Shop was just an online flower shop on Weibo, without product catalog and price list. If the user wants to buy flowers, he needs to tell the proprietress his emotional story, and the proprietress will match the flowers according to the story and make a unique bouquet.

Evian use stories to position quality

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Then The Beast sent the customer’s emotional stories and flowers to Weibo anonymously. Such content always resonated with the public. Gradually, The Beast became more and more famous, and even celebrities were its frequent visitors. . To say that the most famous story of Fauvism should be: Monet’s garden. A client wanted to order BWB Directory flowers for an important lady, hoping to express the artistic conception of Monet’s masterpiece “Water Lilies”. After many twists and turns, the proprietress came to the Japanese Art Museum that collected the “Water Lily” series to find inspiration, and finally completed the “Monet Garden” flower box, which is now also regarded as the masterpiece of Fauvism. It can be said that the self-proclaimed “Story Ordering Flowers” model has achieved The Beast, and has gradually grown into a top flower shop. Facts have also proved that what consumers prefer to see is always a sincere story.

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