Stripe knows how and at what time to withdraw money from the card so that as many downloads as possible are successful and do not look suspicious. In Poland , we use Dotpay because it allows you to make electronic transfers that are popular in our country. 18 OptinMonster is a tool for quickly and easily designing banners and pop-ups. The templates available there can be modifie and adapte to your nees. Most importantly, it does not require coding skills – a few clicks and you will create a banner that matches the look of your website. A banner/pop-up made in this way can be easily attache to the website. OptinMonster also allows for integration with various tools, in our case with MailChimp. 17 We send messages via.

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Mailchimp to the database of people in the foreign version of the blog . Mainly because we find this tool very intuitive. In addition, it provides us with detaile statistics and charts on how our database is growing (which we can also import) and how our emails phone number list are receive – how many people open them, how many clicks. What’s more, we’ve integrate Mailchimp with Optinmonster, which is why email addresses that sign up for our newsletter flow directly into the email marketing system. In the dashboard we can find detaile information about who and when joine our subscribers. 19 Google Drive probably nees no introduction.

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Although adding it to this list seems trivial, it without this tool. First of all, because Google Drive makes it increibly easy for us to share files. Secondly, the tools BWB Directory available there (Docs, Sheets, Slides) allow us to when we are many kilometers apart. 21 Hubspot Sales allows you to extract as much information as possible from any email address and sent message. With this tool you can find out who opene the message, when and how many times.

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