SERPs are the ones with the most positive reviews as well as the big brands. Therefore, if you only rely on organic growth, brand awareness can start slowly. By using paid marketing solutions, you make your brand visible to prospects. 

If your brand appears on the first page of SERPs through a paid marketing solution, you will appear more credible to users and they will be more willing to make a purchase. 

SEO can take weeks to months to implement. If you have to wait, you will experience slow growth in the early phases of your brand recognition. Paid marketing solutions allow you to stay on top of the SERPs even if you are just starting out. When you pair good SEO with paid marketing, it will accelerate your rise in organic search and will have a positive impact on your conversion rates. 

How to tell if your paid marketing is working against you

The points we stated above are what whatsapp mobile number list you can expect when you successfully use a paid marketing solution. 

But successful paid marketing doesn’t always happen. So here’s how you can tell that your paid marketing isn’t working. 

  • You see no increase in ROI (return on investment)
  • You get the same traffic as usual without paid marketing solutions
  • You see an increase in views but not an increase in conversion rate


If you’ve ever experienced any of the symptoms of ineffective paid marketing, it’s most likely due to:

Lazada & Shopee Paid Marketing 

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In this post, we’ll be focusing on Shopee and Lazada’s paid marketing solutions to see their blind spots and what you can do to make the most of your campaigns. 

Lazada Sponsored Search is a paid marketing solution within the Lazada marketplace that allows sellers to bid on keywords BWB Directory and then when a potential buyer searches for these keywords, the seller’s sponsored product will appear above the search results. 

On the other hand, Shopee MyAds is an integrated ad placement feature from the Shopee platform. This allows you to run two types of ads: keyword ads and targeting ads. 

For keyword ads, you need to bid for keywords and then when potential buyers search for those keywords, your product will appear on Shopee SERPs (search engine results pages). Meanwhile, when you use targeting ads, your products will appear in the Similar Products section of products that are closely related to your product line. 

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