If you are interested in observing the retail business downstairs in your community. You should be able to intuitively perceive the following two things. First more and more vertical category stores have appeared. For example Aunt Qian mainly sells meat. Mainly sells hot pot ingredients, sells low-price milk sells fairy grass. All kinds of restaurants have found their own vertical category positioning. And some sell sauerkraut. There are fish brands there are brands that sell dumplings. There are brands that sell Malatang, and there are brands that sell fried rice… It is precisely because of the emergence of these vertical category stores that the passenger flow of comprehensive large supermarkets is being ruthlessly divided—people are more willing to go to specialty stores to achieve purposeful consumption, rather than looking for the desired categories in large and comprehensive department stores.

Brand positioning role transformation

You may be able to clearly feel that fewer and fewer people go to supermarkets/department stores in the past two years. Behind this is actually an opportunity for vertical brands. On the one hand, the market capacity of a large number of vertical categories expands with consumption upgrades, which can support the branding operation of vertical categories. Even for rice, noodles, grains and oils, a livelihood category that is extremely difficult to achieve Argentina Email List product differentiation perception, a vertical brand such as October Paddy, which focuses on “Wuchang rice”, has appeared. Branded consumption will undoubtedly become the main line of future consumption. On the other hand, with the strengthening of the recognition of the vertical brand in the public mind, it can gradually realize “de-shelfization”, gradually get rid of the shackles of channel vendors (supermarkets), and form a store format independently.

Establish an efficient service system

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De-shelfization is similar to the “exiting” of Taobao brands in the e-commerce industry, and it is also an important symbol of the formation of corporate brand value. All in all, in the past, the categories of comprehensive supermarkets/department stores continued to exist independently of vertical stores, and the categories of catering stores were even more refined, and vertical category brands emerged in a blowout manner. Second, the BWB Directory product lines of vertical category stores are constantly being enriched and expanded. Stores are resources. In order to maximize the benefits of stores, companies always have the urge to enrich the SKUs on sale. The convenience store downstairs has started to look like a small supermarket. Maiduan is not only able to buy vegetables. Guiuan, which focuses on hot pot ingredients, has begun to sell pre-made dishes.

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