Because no one in the whole team gave specific or further explanations and extensions to the descriptions and words in the concepts and stories, everyone was not sure how to understand and express the concepts and stories. Therefore, one of the abstract reasons is that the information itself cannot be explained clearly , and errors are prone to occur during the transmission process. 2. Can’t express ideas, can’t carry out secondary creation, can’t grasp this degree well, so that users feel “illusory” in the end There are indeed many brand concepts and stories, which seem ordinary, but through interpretation and expression, we and users feel good and can feel it.

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For example, in the concept of many brands, you have seen similar words, ” Explore the lifestyle related to XX “, most of you will also feel that it is very abstract, everyone talks like this, saying it is the same as not saying it. Because it is indeed a concept that is very ordinary on the surface, and requires an internal team to interpret it and carry out secondary creation. So, we at least Burkina Faso Email List need to give, what scenario are you based on? What are you advocating in this scenario? How to “explore” ? To put it bluntly, what does your philosophy have to do with me? Food post is my favorite magazine brand, it explores the emotions and lifestyles related to food.

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It uses full love for life to transform some professional food and cooking knowledge into beautiful words, and combines it with the customs and cultures of various categories and regions, making you feel professional, literary and artistic. Very readable. Brand Setting | 03. How can the brand BWB Directory concept be perceived by users? The emotion and lifestyle explored by the food post, my own interpretation is as follows: it records the people behind the creation of the food, the stories between them and the food, so that readers can feel the creator’s insistence on a piece of food and beliefs; including the food creator’s own lifestyle . At the same time, the food post also invited many people who also like a type of food to talk about the food in their mouths and their lives. Combining these two objects.

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