Share knowledge and daily life of raising babies and create a common memory. Between the brand and mothers. Fun stickers customized on Weibo rewarded interactions and other creative. Forms have increased the fun of the interaction between Baima groups. Making the “Baby Theme Month” a social node for mothers. In the interaction Fiene has subtly integrated into the daily life of mother users. Which not only deepens the sense of companionship but also improves user stickiness. The essence of creating a festival is to create a hot topic and a periodic memory point. Whether the memory point is a meme an experience or a discount. The key is to let users participate in the festival activities. Only in this way can the brand mobilize users. Desire to express and maintain long-term discussion enthusiasm.

Types are: exogenous and endogenous

This article is  with the authorization of the cooperative media of everyone is a product manager. Written in the last one is an excellent brand that allows consumers to feel the attitude and temperature behind the product without any professional knowledge. As Peter Goober puts it, “telling a Central African Republic Email List compelling story is the best way to generate business”. Of course, if you want to rely on stories for marketing, there is a premise: you are telling a story that can be  with sincerity, First of all, in terms of visual culture, combines the “ice shell” that symbolizes the traditional Chinese snack candied haws with the national treasure panda, which is an innovation based on inheritance.

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Fourth write at the end In the final analysis, the core of brand festival marketing is to make itself a festival hotspot. Only when it becomes a hotspot can it be seen by users among all brands. In the process of becoming a hot topic, existing festivals should be  to arouse BWB Directory consumers’ emotional resonance; self-made festivals should allow users to participate in discussions on festival topics and avoid talking to themselves. Only by allowing users and brands to celebrate the festival together can the holiday hotspots be left in the minds of users and the long-term continuation of brand popularity can be. Editor: Ji Nan Source public account a self-media ecological observation account that combines good-looking.

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