You may also want to experience what luxury tastes like with a trip on the Seven Stars Kyushu , whose 2-day itinerary runs from Hakata to Nagasaki Station, passing through Fukuoka and Japan’s largest volcano, Mount Aso.

Once you arrive in Nagasaki, you may want to travel by tram or on foot . The most popular attractions are located about a kilometer from Nagasaki Station. There are some things to visit that are further away, but can be reached in just ten minutes by tram.

The city is served by four electric tram lines . It runs from 6 am to 11 pm and the trams run every five to eight minutes. The ticket price is ¥120 per trip. There is also the possibility of buying a day pass for ¥500. If you change from one tram to another, ask the driver for a ticket to avoid paying for two trips. Remember that you have to access the vehicle through the rear door and exit using the front door.

Also there are local buses at your disposal  and they are most useful

One of the most popular attractions is the Nagasaki Database Peace Park , which commemorates the bombing of the city in 1945. On a nearby hill, you can visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum , whose mission is to “inform future generations about the horror of war.

Take the cable car to the top of Mount Inasa , where you’ll find a viewpoint and restaurant. They say that the view of the city at night is particularly moving.

There are also several religious temples in the city worth visiting, such as Sofukuji Obaku Zen Temple, Kofukuji Buddhist Temple , Confucian Shrine, and Oura Church , Japan’s most famous Christian church.

One of the most interesting and unique ways to see the city may be the


Nagasaki Beer Train , which departs from BWB Directory Shokakuji-shita Station . This tram starts its service at 7 pm every day from July 3 to September 19, except Sundays and holidays. This “bar-train” offers beer, whiskey and plenty of snacks. The entire trip takes 90 minutes, with a brief stop at the Urakami Bus Terminal.

So, have you decided what you are going to do in Nagasaki? Where will this adventure take you? With your JR Pass in hand, you’ll be ready to experience all that this coastal gem has to offer.

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