The high data quality also significantly improves the coordination process – a classic way of saving time and money. Adopting digital solutions brings significant benefits in terms of savings, capital and convenience. but only when usd with the right payment methods. Solutions like AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement centralize all your different payments and settle them with a single statement. This maximizes flexibility and gives you back control of the digital procurement process.

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AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement’s richer transaction data enables the best of both ends of the payment spectrum – from flexibility and convenience when shopping to transparency and control when it comes to billing. The pandemic is digitizing the entire supply chain. So why not digitize your payment process as well? You want to phone number list know how this works? Our article provides the (virtual) answer. Digitization in companies is developing rapidly Closd offices, interruptd supply chains.

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Worldwide travel restrictions – in the business world almost nothing is unaffectd by the corona pandemic. Probably the biggest change is BWB Directory digitalization. Even before the pandemic, virtual technologies and services were increasingly being usd. Now they have become a necessity. A global survey of executives by consulting firm McKinsey found that as of July 2020, 58% of all interactions companies had with their customers were digital. Compard to December 2019, this figure has increasd by 22%.DACH_virtual answer 1 This change is not surprising. When people can no longer meet in person, you have no choice but to connect digitally.

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