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This can be achieved because of the setting of the brand on the official account and content. And the long-term attention to it so that there will be such resource allocation. So the result it’s not that other brands can’t do it. But that when you look at this matter alone. You don’t think that this matter is what I have to do if you don’t stand. Un the overall angle or even the brand strategy angle. It’s like seeing good products and content made by brands. In the industry and forwarding them to team partners, but then thinking. That maybe I don’t have the opportunity to do it, and the brand loses this opportunity. No matter in the short term or in the long term. Brand setting is the same as making a product and SOP. It needs to be tested step by step to form a specification.

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The actual settings are more complicated than what I have listed, and there will be pictures or videos to assist in the explanation. Such a discussion will make everyone’s concept of brand concept and positioning, which are easily ambiguous, gradually become clear and unified. 2. How to carry out brand setting? 1. Philosophy and cultural setting The brand’s understanding Canada Email List of its own philosophy and culture determines the upper limit of setting, and basically determines the upper limit of user experience. We often see that many brands have their own concepts and cultures that they want to convey, but they are either very vague and the team cannot explain clearly.

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Many tea brands want to convey oriental, Chinese, and national culture, but they do not further explain the culture, resulting in a superficial stereotyped sense of culture that is finally conveyed to users. I use two settings of “culture” and “idea” to provide you with a thinking framework. What part BWB Directory of Chinese traditional culture does the national style and oriental culture that the brand wants to convey come from? Are there related classics and historical stories? What kind of implication, ideas and values ​​are embodied behind it? Under the topic, not only mothers are sharing their feelings about giving birth, but also many other users and media have joined the discussion, making the brand integrated into the center of social issues and quickly radiating to users in different circles.

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