When you run sponsored search ads / Shopee MyAds, you will be able to access real-time data on your Lazada / Shopee Seller Center dashboard. There will be reports and insights available. You can use it to assess your current strategy when it comes to paid advertising. It can also be useful when you want to formulate a secondary strategy for your campaign. These insights can be downloaded for offline use

Product Exposure
The best way to get to the top of your brand awareness campaign is to increase your search ranking organically, but the process can take a while. So, if you are a new brand, you can pair your SEO efforts with Lazada / Shopee MyAds sponsored search campaigns. That way, you can reach your target audience and increase sales even in the early stages of your business.

People Don’t Always Click Ads

There is a general opinion that people don’t always click on search ads. There are shoppers who have a preference for product listings that appear on the first page of the Lazada/Shopee SERPs naturally and organically because of their desire for truly credible products. Therefore, there is a possibility that you will not reach your full potential in terms of click-throughs.

Your High Search Ranking Is Temporary
If your long-term goal is to phone number list appear on the first page of SERPs, Lazada Sponsored Ads / Shopee MyAds may not help you achieve that goal as ads are created to provide short-term exposure.

Tips for Maximizing Lazada / Shopee MyAds Sponsor Search
Pair Your Lazada Sponsored Search / Shopee MyAds With Facebook Marketing
Usually, your Lazada / Shopee MyAds Sponsored Search campaign will only help you spread your brand name across your target market within the Lazada.

Don’t Get Behind Organic SEO

phone number list

Lazada / Shopee MyAds Sponsored Search is BWB Directory only effective as long as you run the campaign. After the campaign ends, your product will no longer appear on the first SERP page. Accordingly, your previous product exposure will be discontinued.

Therefore, it’s more strategic to start driving organic search rankings while your campaign is running. With it, you’ll be able to grab prospects’ attention and make sales while buying time to improve your appearance in the Lazada/Shopee algorithm.

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