Is it a festival or a “robbery”, how can festival marketing

With the influx of brands, today’s festival marketing seems to have fallen into blindness and involution. Big festivals are fiercely competitive, unpopular festivals have no effect, and many festival marketing has become a bit of a “enclosure”. “No hot spots, no traffic”, festival marketing must focus on hot spots and spread, and hot spots often come from Turks and Caicos Islands Email List users’ discussions and interactions on topics. Therefore, how to take advantage of or even create momentum around festival hotspots in social media has become a compulsory topic for brand festival marketing. In this process, if we want to make a difference, we must distinguish between the characteristics and social emotions of mass festivals and niche festivals.

Playing memes at festivals is the common expression of young people

Formulate corresponding marketing strategies, so that users can feel the brand’s identity through “borrowing momentum” and “creating momentum”. different. 1. The whole people celebrate the festival and create a brand-exclusive “hot search physique” Whether it is traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, or Western festivals such as Christmas and Halloween, such popular festivals are themselves “super IPs”, and they are also brand leverages, which can bring great traffic to the brand if used skillfully. But the problem is that consumers are becoming more and more rational nowadays. When all brands are vying for the popularity of mass festivals, the overwhelming festival marketing activities make consumers’ heart rate higher and higher.

Go deep into the festival scene and grasp the effect of planting grass behind the sense of ceremony

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What method should brands use to create their own hot search physique and form a grass-planting effect? Grasp the “little emotions” in popular festivals and leverage the emotional resonance Festival marketing is done every year, but there are not many that really touch people. Compared with the brand’s “scratch” marketing actions, finding resonance in social emotions has become a way to establish a deep connection with the BWB Directory brand. For example, Mengniu brought a micro-movie “Find it together” during the Spring Festival, focusing on a story about “unemployed at the end of the year”. In order to keep the news of her layoff from her mother, a young unemployed girl embarks on a “difficult way to find milk”. This story does not follow the usual “reunion” during the Spring Festival. The story about the pursuit opened.

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