In the past, gold three and silver four were the bustling peak season for recruitment. But this spring is a little different this year. “There was an ambush before”, Chat GPT was born out of nowhere, and people were panicked. Although many people say that they are doing “not very good jobs”, will they not even have jobs in the future? “There will be chasing soldiers later” , major factories are laying off workers fiercely, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have followed suit. As a supporting department, the marketing department will inevitably have to get a few tickets. The manpower was reduced and the budget was cut, but the workload was not reduced at all. Leaders will say “customer demand is gradually recovering, we roll up our sleeves and do a big job.” Therefore, in order to have a harvest (sales) in the second half of the year.

The keywords of B2B marketing: precision and coordination

The pressure of sowing seeds in the first half of the year (strengthening publicity and looking for sales leads) also fell on the marketing department. Business leaders will also emphasize that results come first, and long-term brand issues should be put aside for the time being. The reason is to “survive” first. After thinking about it, offline activities Bahrain Email List are the most effective in order to have immediate results. It’s best to invite customers and partners who haven’t seen in a few years to talk about products and plans together. But with few people and less money, it is difficult to engage in offline activities. Once the peers think so, the invitation becomes a big problem… Do you happen to be worrying too? Today I will talk about some of my recent thoughts, hoping to inspire you who are reading. 1. Which B2B jobs will not be replaced.

Which B2B jobs will not be replaced?

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Let’s first talk about which jobs Chat GPT is more threatening to. The middle management should bear the brunt the most, especially those small leaders who can only organize internal meetings and upload and issue orders. Followed by the marketing department’s cousin, cousin, content editor, picture editor… When both Office and Adobe are connected to Chat GPT, tool people are replaced by tools, and the workplace returns to the era of BWB Directory creativity, thinking and logic as the core. In addition, Party A’s proud aesthetic ability pales in comparison to the various solutions provided by AI. The value of Party B is obviously higher than that of Party A with poor hands-on ability. On the contrary, highly interactive tasks, such as event execution and customer operations, are difficult to replace . Artificial intelligence cannot replace sincere conversations, let alone management and coordination in the execution of activities.

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