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Brand identity – definition When looking for an answer to the question of what brand identity really is, it is worth reaching for book definitions that explain this term in a specific and scientific way. Maciej Dębski in “Creating a strong brand” propose a concise definition saying that brand identity is “the way the brand creator wants it to be perceive by consumers.” Agnieszka Kochaniec in ” Instruments of introducing the brand to the market” adds that “it should indicate the benefits that the brand can provide to individuals, as well as arguments for purchasing products of this brand.

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From a strictly marketing point of view, the authors of the book ” Marketing of Services” pointe to the fact that “brand identity is a comprehensive message about the brand, sent by the seller to potential recipients through all marketing tools.” Brand phone number list identity has a common denominator in the three definitions above. It is the process of communicating, informing your customers about your brand, its features and values. It can be imagine as a collection of invisible elements, constantly communicate and sent to the minds of consumers. Brand image – definition Many companies these days care about their brand image.

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The definition clearly shows that it is nothing more than the perception of the brand by consumers, its image that is forme in their awareness on the basis of all kinds of experiences and interactions with the brand. Every consumer has certain beliefs BWB Directory about it, which can be either positive, negative or even neutral. The image is both the character of the brand and the emotional value. When a consumer sees a logo in an advertisement or on products, an image of that company automatically forms in their mind. What is important – entrepreneurs, knowing the appropriate techniques, can really influence how their brand image will be shape and positione on the market.

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