How many types of website search engine optimization are there?

Why do some websites rank high without updating their articles? Answer: It’s not that they don’t update their articles, it’s just that they haven’t updated them now, and some people will say that their collections are rarely included and their rankings are high. Indeed, some websites , never update things, but the ranking is quite stable. However, these sites are either old websites with high weight, or have a very high number of hits, or have a lot of external links. In short, they are not so ordinary. 52. How much influence does the richness of original content have on the indexing of search engines? Answer: The richness of original content still has a great impact on the indexing of search engines. A well-written judgment. Original articles are not necessarily well-written, and although rich original content can promote inclusion, good original content may not be included.

What is the use of PR value for a website?

There are many factors that affect inclusion, and good original content is only one of them. 53. How does the spider judge the update of the website? Answer: When the spider crawls into the website to grab content, it can judge the update of the website based on the judgment of the crawled content. 54. How many articles should the website publish in a day? Answer: Of course, the more articles the better, but pay attention, no matter how Antarctica Email List many articles are posted in a day, it must be average and the quality must be guaranteed. Don’t just focus on quantity and not quality. If you can’t stick to the frequency of updates, don’t fish for three days and spend two days on the net. It’s not about the number of articles but the quality.

How many articles should be every day for SEO?

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Starting from other aspects, normal inclusion does not mean that the ranking has risen. There are many factors that affect website ranking. It may be the impact of external links, it may be user clicks, or it may be the structure of the website. For more ranking related factors, please refer to “2013 Factors Affecting Website Ranking on Google” and “2013 Influencing Website Ranking on Baidu Summary of Key Factors for Ranking. 56. Why is it  a hot post? Is there a judgment? There are a lot of posts with a lot of hits and no replies. Are they also BWB Directory  hot posts? Answer: Generally speaking, if there are many followers, it can resonate with everyone. If it can be  on the homepage of the forum for a long time, it is best to get a large number of reposts.

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