Unemployment has been the most serious topic  by young people on. Weibo in the past two years. Mengniu used “unemployment” as a key clue to arouse the sympathy of users and then completely.  Reversed the sad atmosphere with the family’s pursuit  showing the warmth with the mood of the times. It can be seen that breaking the traditional festive atmosphere and grasping the connection. Between social emotions and the brand can arouse strong resonance among users. From “I say you listen” to a “heart-to-heart talk” between the brand and users. And finally let the brand and users Users’ emotional memories of festivals are intertwined. Expanding the boundaries of potential consumer groups.

There are two ways of brand value innovation starting from users

Playing memes at festivals is the common expression of young people How should brands understand young people today and find out their favorite way of expression? It is an effective way to gain insights into group behaviors and create Botswana Email List common expressions on social platforms. For example, “single dog” is a collective catharsis of single youths. Behind this expression is actually the loss and self-deprecation of single people. Therefore, moderate “reverse” marketing on public festivals can make young people feel that “the brand understands me”, which can not only stimulate young people’s desire to play and express, but also bring the brand closer to young people. distance, arouse their empathy.

 If the brand is self everything will be meaningless

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Ruining has targeted single users on Valentine’s Day for two consecutive years. From “Lonely Frog” to “Line Puppy”, it set off a wave of memes and became the “Dongfeng” that promoted brand marketing activities. Stand out from the marketing involution. 3. Go deep into the festival scene and grasp the effect of planting grass behind the sense of BWB Directory ceremony Every festival has its own unique sense of ritual, and every brand also has its own festival effect. Find the connection between the brand itself and the sense of festival ritual, and combine it with hot topics in a differentiated way to find the “grass code” of the product. “Gift-giving” is the most typical ritual behavior. According to the “2023 Festival Marketing New Trends” report data released by Weibo and Thermal Power Research Institute, 47.89% of users choose to learn about gift information.

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