In 2021, major factories and small factories will experience optimization and layoffs. In fact, no one will feel comfortable. For the company, it has created a bad reputation for itself. For employees, financial and work pressures ensue. But we should see that behind the layoffs is the decline in turnover. Why did it decline? Only by finding the reason and seeing the trend can the problem be solved. As long as the work you are doing is related to various growth KPIs, you want or are starting a business, you want or are doing personal branding, etc., you should read this article. Let’s look at the following set of data first. In just three months, the search index trend of SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) has skyrocketed. what does that mean? It means that marketing is about to enter a new stage: relationship marketing.

Changes from the flow era to the stock era

New means opportunity. Whether it is for the company or for our workers. However, we must first see the reasons behind the trend before we can seize the opportunity and let ourselves grow. So why is there such a phenomenon? Why is the market paying attention to SCRM? Why will enterprise WeChat SCRM become a trend? How to do? This article is Antigua and Barbuda Email List dedicated to sharing these contents with you, please read below. 1. What is SCRM? What is Enterprise WeChat SCRM Let me talk about what the hell SCRM is. Social Customer Relationship Management, that is, socialized customer relationship management, or customer relationship management based on social media. An upgraded version of the traditional CRM Customer Relationship Management). To facilitate understanding, give an example.

Private domain marketing needs to build trust first

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Before when you were using Doujin and Taobao and other platforms, you saw a certain brand of cat food was on sale. You clicked to place an order. This is what traditional CRM does. It is responsible for customer acquisition and transformation, allowing you to see advertisements and then buy; But now, when you are using Tikor and Taobao and other platforms, you see that a certain brand of cat food is on sale. After you place an order BWB Directory successfully, there is a high probability that a corporate WeChat QR code will pop up asking you to add WeChat, saying that it will provide information about the product. Professional advice on cat raising issues. This is what SCRM does. It is responsible for customer conversion and retention, allowing you to see advertisements, buy and continue to build friendships.

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