Danone Group extracted the brand concept of “natural, healthy and pure” and launched this “noble” mineral water. Nowadays, drinking Evian has become a way of life for consumers. They may not care whether the Evian they drink really comes from the Alps. What they buy is the 200-year-old legend of the Evian brand, and what they drink is the story behind it of legendary stories. 3. Chu Cheng: Use the founder’s story to attract users Chu Orange is also known as “Inspirational Orange”. In addition to its excellent product quality, the story behind it is even more talked about, which is the legendary life of its creator, Chu Shavian. In 1949, 21-year-old Chu Shavian joined the Yunnan Armed Frontier Guerrilla Forces.

Went to the battlefield, and saw life and death. Walking out of the mountains, he served successively as district mayor and secretary of the district party committee. Later, he was labeled as a rightist and sent to the farm. In 1979, he was transferred to Yumi Cigarette Factory, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, as the factory director. Under his leadership, the tobacco factory became the largest cigarette factory in Asia later, supporting half of Yunnan’s finances, and Chu Shavian also became the famous “Chinese Tobacco King”. On January 9, 1999, Chu Shavian was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of political rights for life due to economic problems. His sentence was later commuted to 17 years in prison. At this time, his daughter had committed suicide in a Henan prison, and his wife was also behind bars.

Experience such a huge ups and downs, can not be described as a life of great desolation. In 2002, after being released on medical parole at the age of 74, Chu Shavian raised 10 million from friends and contracted 2,400 acres of barren hills with his wife to start growing oranges. It took him 10 years to cultivate the rock sugar orange that most suits the taste of Chinese people, and embarked on the road of sales. Starting a new business at the age of 75, the transformation from “King of Cigarettes” to “King of Oranges”, this story has also touched countless consumers, and Churching has become one of the best-selling fruit brands. Some consumers said: “I don’t buy oranges because I want to eat oranges, but because of Mr. Chu’s belief and spirit.” This is the power of brand stories.

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