Innovation is not about creating something from scratch, but about having this thing, and finding a way to make it produce new products.” [2 ] Combining the panda with the translucent ice crystal shell not only continues the strong relationship between the panda itself and China, but also reflects the characteristics of ice and snow sports, creating a cultural language that is “low cost to understand and recognized by the whole world”. At the same time, the detachable design of the shell makes itself a “medium”: no matter in the real or virtual world, the action of “replacing the panda in the ice shell” not only represents cyber-face changing, but also another manifestation of participatory culture With the help of this symbol and medium, the audience can participate in the communication activities of the Winter Olympics more extensively.

Evian: use stories to position quality A good brand story is the best “bridge” between consumers and the brand. It can not only occupy the minds of consumers, but also a powerful tool to support the brand premium effect. For example, the “luxury” Evian mineral water, known as mineral water, sells for several times higher than other mineral waters on the market. Why is the same mineral water so sought after by so many people? The reason is that Evian has been exporting the “noble” and “high-end” brand image to consumers, making consumers feel as if drinking water is enjoying natural and pure water. The legendary story behind it is also indisputable: In 1789, during the French Revolution.

A French nobleman suffered from kidney stones. At that time, it was popular to treat the disease with mineral water. One day when he passed by the small town of Evian, he drank some Cachet Gentleman’s garden spring water, after a period of time, he found himself cured of his illness. Later, the spring water in YuYu Town became famous, and a large number of people poured into the town to experience the “divine water”. Gentleman Cachet decided to fence in his spring and began selling Evian water. Napoleon III and his queen had a special liking for the mineral water in Evian Town, and they officially named it Evian Town in 1864 (Evian comes from Latin, which means water). Inspired by the story of Evian Water and the snow in the Alps.

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